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Civil Train SA is leading the way in Traffic Management training programs

In partnership with Prime Traffic Solutions, Training Prospects, T2T Alliance and supported by the South Australian Government through WorkReady Jobs First Employment Projects, Civil Train designed a 4 week intensive traffic management program which gave the participants the confidence to control traffic in a variety of situations.



The group of 16 was selected from over 60 applicants and were put through their paces from the beginning.

The inaugural Right Way to Traffic program consisted of 6 accredited units:

RIICCM201D    Carry out measurements and calculations

RIICCM203D    Read and interpret plans and job specifications

RIIRIS201D      Conduct local risk control

RIIWHS205D    Control traffic with a stop-slow bat

RIIWHS302D    Implement traffic management plan

RIISAM213D    Position and set up mobile lighting

and a range of non-accredited modules.

Participants were exposed to a wide range of traffic management plan scenarios, utilising Civil Train SA’s live works training site at Bio SA, and also the T2T stockpile site at Bolivar.

Shift work was also instilled, consisting of a morning, afternoon and night shift, learning the importance of a thorough handover to ensure the safety of both the workers on site and the public.  Participants also set up a site for night works.

In addition, there were a range f additional skills and initiatives provided including operate light vehicle (including trailer use), manual handling, conflict resolution, correct use of uhf radios, alcohol and drug education and the importance of nutrition for shift and outdoor work.

Case Management and Workplace Mentoring for the 16 participants was provided in conjunction with Training Prospects and Civil Train, and will continue during the transition to employment.

If you would like more information on how Civil Train can help your business with a skill set shortage, please contact Melissa on