South Australia
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Industry BuildSkills Program

The Northern Territory Government Industry BuildSkills Program reduces the fees for selected short courses for eligible participants.

The Industry Buildskills program targets employees who either:

  • need a qualification or recognised skills to continue working in their job
  • or want to get higher level qualifications to make their employer more productive 

Eligibility criteria:

To be eligible to access the BuildSkills funding you must be: 

  • Be an Australian citizen OR
  • Be a New Zealand person who has been resident in Australia for 6 months OR
  • A person who holds a permanent residency visa OR
  • A person who holds a temporary protection visa.
  • A Northern Territory resident
  • Be an existing worker

List of courses and fees available here

Call 08 8953 3515 or 0427 003 913 for more information or to book.